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Innovating with a Digital Mindset


We are an Australian IT consultancy and software development business that provides cutting-edge engineering solutions. We are innovative with a digital mindset.


We Provide Flexible IT Services


We’re here to help small-medium sized businesses and companies to grow. With more than 18 years’ experience, we know how to determine and satisfy the IT needs of your business. And at a reasonable price.

How do we get started?
Firstly we meet with you to discuss your requirements. We then estimate the duration and cost of your project and present them to you. If you choose to proceed, we then enter into a formal agreement.
Are there any guarantees?
We guarantee:

  • Confidentiality: all client details and data are confidential and secure
  • Support: a minimum of 3 months free support for defect resolution (and up to 12 months depending on the project)
  • Results: payments are milestone-based
Is there any way to speed up the development of my project?
Our goal is to finalise each project as soon as possible, but to maintain optimal workflow we need to ensure future work for our development team is agreed and locked in. So it’s important that you plan ahead as well so that we can keep up the momentum with your project and avoid missing deadlines.
I want to develop an application. How much will it cost?
Cost and duration are based on available data/knowledge, past experience/historical data, assumptions and identified risks. During the estimation phase we involve Business Analysts, relevant technical specialists, and our client to ensure technical and business goals are aligned.

We can provide estimates in person-hours or person-months, and in an agreed currency.

We recommend our clients have a balance of resources working on their engagement, including junior, mid-level and senior specialists. A team of juniors may be cheaper but they will lack the experience to be productive. And a team of all senior specialists will be experienced but more expensive and may result in team work issues. Balanced teams are the best option.

Do you provide free quotes?
Often yes. It depends on how long it takes for our technical team to gather enough information to determine the duration and cost of the project. If it takes more than a week, then there could be a charge. This is something we can determine after our initial free meeting.


Will my project-related information be safe?
We sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which safeguards your information and maintains confidentiality.

What we say

Unitex Solutions Group is a new brand for new ideas

Unitex Solutions’ business experience and technology knowledge ensures that our clients’ requirements are delivered rapidly and effectively.

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